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It had to happen eventually...

Well, I finally slept through the night! Yay for me! I picked up some barfley's... I mean Buckley's and drank LOTS of water through the day. I set up the humidifier too and slept in the spare room so that I didn't wake B up with my coughing or get woken up by his snoring. It seemed to do the trick. I'm still coughing a bit today but it seems a lot better than it has been.

I'm slowly getting caught back up on the stuff that didn't get done while B and I were working this week. There's still lots to do but I'm not too worried about it since I don't anticipate getting called in to work too soon. Either way, I've got all weekend to catch up! I'm hoping to have the chance to work on another painting too, if I feel so inspired.

I finished the newest Harry Potter book today. I really enjoyed it even though I couldn't remember much of the previous few books! If you've read and liked the other Harry Potter books I definitely think you'll like this one too. I'm eager for the next/last one to come out! Of course, having finished it means that I get to start a new book!! I've got so many to choose from that I'm not sure where to start! hehe
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Woohoo for sleep and less coughing! :) I'm glad you're starting to feel at least a little better. *huggles* You just chillax this weekend, recoop, and do whatever feels good. ;)

We're in for a crazy storm today and tomorrow... like possible hail and tornados. I feel all energized and zingy! :p
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Keep up regimen, though -- don't get yourself all tired out before you have a chance to fully recover.

What books are on your 'to read' list? (My own is pretty high at the moment.)