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Damn you virus!

Well, it looks like I have another virus and that's why I've been coughing for the past four days. Of course that means there's nothing they can give me for it and it should go away on it's own. Great! Get going then! It's annoying because it's a dry cough, so I just keep coughing and coughing. I haven't been sleeping well because of it either so I'm exhausted on top of everything. The nurse said I could get some cough supressant to help me sleep at night but I'm wondering how much that will help. I just need to get a good night's rest! At least the new teacher that I was filling in for got in okay and started teaching. I think they were hoping I would stay in the school a little longer but I just couldn't stop coughing and knew I had to leave. Besides, if it is a virus, I don't need to be spreading it around any more. So, I came home after picking up some cough supressant at the store and will try and get some rest. I'm hoping that some extra rest and relaxation will give my immune system the extra kick it needs to fight this off.
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Definitely get as much rest and sleep as you can manage. Even if you can't sleep (and I know what it's like -- I've often had hacking, sleep-disturbing coughs myself) taking it easy and making sure you eat and stay well hydrated really will make a difference!

As it's a dry cough, have you tried any sort of steam treatment? With me, I found even taking hot, steamy showers and then bundled up to veg out, provided quite a bit of relief.

Apart from a nice steamy shower in the morning I haven't been doing anything steamy. I think that I should see if I can find the humidifier and plug it in though! Thanks for the suggestions!
Sounds like you should definitely grab up some of that cough suppressant and get some sleep girl! You take care of yourself and get better... and post more, yah... post. ;)
Got my cough suppressant, wasn't able to get any sleep but got a lot done and that felt good.
I'm definitely planning on getting better and posting more!