Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Yesterday's stuff

I’m having a rough week with regards to my weight watchers. I’m not sure why exactly but I think it might be in part due to having so much company and wanting to make quick, easy meals and then snacking more than I normally would. A lot of quick and easy meals are not the best for my diet either… for example, pizza! I just haven’t been feeling much like cooking lately and have been munching without making good munchy choices.

The scheduler is working well. I’m finding I’m more on task, much more focused and feel way more accomplished when I see what I’ve done in a day… even if it’s not exactly what I started out to do. It also helped me show Brody what a typical day looks like for me and why I might have seemed frustrated on certain days. I definitely plan on keeping it up.

Today, my computer was hit by some nasty spyware/adware type of stuff. It took me the whole afternoon and evening, with the help of B’s brother, to finally get rid of the crap. There are a few things that I’m still working on but the major stuff seems to be taken care of. One of the files came from msn, which resulting in messenger sending a link to everyone on my list who was online that I’m sure led to a virus. *sigh* So now I’ve switched back to trillian. I don’t care if I don’t have winks, backgrounds and all that jazz… I can do without if it means I’m not going to get crap viruses/Trojans/adware/etc. Anyway, the crap seems to be pretty well gone now and I’m glad that it is. What a nightmare! .

On top of having an exchange student here, who arrived a week earlier than we were expecting, we are also watching a neighbour’s dog for them. Thankfully she’s a really good dog and is actually keeping Toby in line better than usual. It’s kind of nice having her around too because it keeps Toby occupied and out of our hair, not to mention he sleeps really well because they chase each other around all day! It's a full house around here these days.

For whatever reason, despite the above crappiness, I feel great! I’m in a good mood and feeling really happy and hopeful. I can’t explain it, since it seems like I should be feeling exactly the opposite, but I’m content. I feel good about the work I’m getting done and the painting I’ve done lately. I feel accomplished, settled, centered and content.

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