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I wrote my final exam this evening. I think it went pretty well. I'm really proud of myself. I actually stuck through to the end and worked hard throughout this whole course. This is a big acheivement for me, as I have traditionally dropped things when they either got too be too much work or when I got bored of them. So needless to say, I'm thrilled about having completed this and with a pretty good mark (I think).

After I'd written the exam I had a full blown migraine. It had been lurking since before the exam, but it was so bad afterwards that with my nerves I felt like I was going to be physically ill. I came home, took some tylenol with codeine, lay down with an ice pack on my head and POOF... just a few hours later it's gone! Thank the Goddess because it was a bad one.

I seriously do believe she was watching over me these past few days. The exam was on exactly the two questions I was hoping for and knew the best. I could feel her presence with me on so many occassions and it was very helpful, soothing and encouraging. Thank you Goddess.

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