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My very own website

My website is all approved and active!! Yay!!  For anyone who wants to check it out, please feel free.  Some sections aren't set up and a few of the links aren't active yet but for the most part if there's a link, there's something to see!   Show me the site!

So not only did I get my site launched but I actually got everything on my schedule for today completed!!  This schedule thing seems to be working quite well for me.  I only put one or two things on the schedule each day (even though there are usually a ton more things needing to be done) and put a checkmark beside whatever I get done.  I've noticed that I really want to be able to put that checkmark on the page, so it acts as a bit of a motivator!  I also write down the extra things that I do during the day so I can kind of keep track of what I'm accomplishing and also find it easier to leave something else until the next day if I've had a lot of extras pop up.  I think having the focus and structure is doing me good!
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