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What's new today

I spent most of my day today designing the new website I'm going to set up. I've got several of the pages done and a good plan for several more. Of course that means I didn't get much else done but I have been writing things down in my scheduler and getting most of them done! It seems to be working.

B went out with one of the other teachers today to check his fishing nets and came back with a nice big Arctic Char. We chopped it up into fish steaks (believe me, it's fairly hard work), put it in baggies and threw in the fridge/freezer. There's lots of fish, so we're probably going to have to share!

We’ve also made some great progress with Toby. B has discovered that picking him up and holding him for a few seconds calms him down and makes him realize who’s in charge. We’ve had much less trouble with the biting since we discovered this yesterday and not only did Toby fall asleep with us in the bedroom last night but he finally fell asleep in the house on the floor with us today. This is a big deal for us since he’d gotten used to sleeping outside and coming in to the house full of energy and ready to go. Having him in the house with us more often is obviously paying off. We are both really impressed with his progress.

We still haven't gotten the final word from the insurance company on the ATV situation but it's looking good. B had comprehensive insurance on it so the whole thing should be covered. We'll find out soon enough.

Not much else going on. Still on vacation so taking it easy for the most part.
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Oooh whats going to be on the website?
Good luck with the ATV insurance! I hope they cover everything.
I'll be around home today packing, and today is probably the last internet day... so hopefully we will meet up!
It's going to have stuff about me, living in the Arctic, Art, Writing and some spiritual stuff. Have fun packing! ;)

I'm happy to hear things with the dog are better. Good for you guys. :D