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Well that's great...

So we just found out that our four wheeler (only source of transportation) was hot wired, stolen and trashed last night. We're trying to figure out if our insurance will cover it or if we're just SOL. It really sucks too because we'd wanted to take a few trips out on the land and now that's not really an option. One of the guys in the community thinks he knows one of the people who might have been involved. We've already called the insurance company and the RCMP. We're going to have to wait to hear back from them to find out what's going to happen... until then, it's life without wheels. *sigh*
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Oh no thats terrible. My icon shows what I'd like to do to the bugger who found did this (more or less).
Yeah, I wanted to pin a sign on the bent up thing that said "Thanks a lot F*ers" *sigh* At least we should be covered.
Yeah, it's pretty awful and we're pretty sure it was some kids taking it for a joyride. They're used to getting away with things up here so they'll probably be surprised when we press charges.