Goth face

Headaches, painting and eating, oh my

This morning...

I have a headache. It’s actually the same headache that I’ve been trying to fight off for the past few days. I’m not sure what’s causing the headaches but I’d like them to go away now. It puts a serious damper on any work or exercise that I was planning on doing. I become pretty useless when I get a headache/migraine and am usually only able to do one thing… sleep.

Despite being tired and headachy, I did manage to do some painting yesterday. I did three new pieces in watercolour. Each one is quite a bit different from the other. One is a very abstract blending of colours, another is a very light painting of the land, and the last one is a painting of poppies that was done as an exercise from one of my books. I also painted a donkey a couple of days ago. I’m not sure if I really like the way any of them turned out but I’m glad I painted them. Now I just need frames for the ones I want to put up on the wall.

In other news, I absolutely love having high speed back. I no longer have to worry about whether I left the internet connected and am using up the limited amount of hours or not. I no longer have to wait 5 minutes for a page to load. I can download!

Today I’m going to try the scheduling of larger activities that need to get done. I don’t know how well it’s going to work but with any luck it might help to keep me focused.

That same evening…

I managed to use up more than half of my extra weekly food points today. I guess that’s what happens when you decide to have KFC for dinner. In fact, I’ve used up almost all of them which means I have to either stay right on target for the rest of the week or get in a whole lot of exercise. I’d LIKE to start exercising more but there always seems to be a “but”. I’m having trouble motivating myself to actually do it. I don’t know what it is that’s keeping me from doing it other than feeling lazy and listless a lot of the time. Of course they say that exercise is exactly what you need if you’re feeling like that. The trick is getting my butt out the door.
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Start trying out the routines I gave you; they're addictive. :)
Do you have any yoga tapes? Maybe that would be a nice kick starter since its so relaxing and done indoors? I've been really feeling an urge for yoga myself but it will have to wait for our move since there are boxes EVERYWHERE right now. *sigh*
High speed rocks! There is apparently a 'work to rule' thing happening with Bell to nicely coincide with our move, so they aren't sure when our line is going to be connected. This no doubt means that I will not have access to internet or a land line for awhile. *double sigh*
Keep up with the painting!
I do have some yoga tapes that are collecting dust. I simply don't seem to be able to find the motivation to do one of them.
That really sucks about Bell!! Damn them!!
I've definitely had that problem with oil paints but I haven't had trouble with the watercolours before. I do get migraines and have since I was a teenager though. It's usually pretty well ventilated in the apartment too so hopefully that will help if it is from the painting.
"I see you donkey! Pretending you're a cow!"
Remember that?