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This afternoon B got word that there were caribou about half an hour outside of town and despite the fact that I was exhausted and wanted to stay in bed napping, I dragged my sorry but out of bed and we headed out onto the land.  At first we went the way we were told to go and found out that they'd moved.  So we backtracked and headed for the direction that we were assured they'd gone.  Along the way we saw a whole bunch of geese with their fuzzy, flightless babies.  They were really cute.  Shortly afterwards we ran into some people who'd just seen the caribou herd but told us they were hard to see because they were lying down.  When we got to the spot they'd mentioned, we saw nothing...This was about the time that we realized the binoculars might have been a good thing to bring along.  In any case, we decided to go a bit further to an esker that was only a few more minutes away to see if a bird's eye view might help.  We still didn't see anything.  We followed the esker for a bit and right as we were looking for a place to turn around I spotted them!  It wasn't a whole herd of caribou mind you, it was just a small family: mother, father and baby.  We got within fifty feet of them... perhaps even closer.  We were thrilled.  Although we were a bit far for the zoom on my camera I decided to take a picture anyway and hope for the best.  I was not disappointed.

As a little added bonus, on the way home my eye caught a rather rapid movement in the grass.  We stopped and B snapped this picture of a Siksik!


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