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Over the past few days...

We went out for a ride on the land on Wednesday. Didn’t go too far out of town but went with another teacher and her kids to check her nets for fish. I took a few pictures of some of the different flowers that were around and the fish that they caught. We also went to this one spot where there’s an old grave and I took a few pictures of it too. It made for a really nice afternoon. The warm, sunny weather didn’t hurt a bit either.

I'm currently reading “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”. It’s very similar to a lot of the other “self-help” type books that I’ve read but I’m still finding it interesting. The chapters are nice and short too which makes it really nice to just read a bit at a time. It's got some good tips for de-stressing but I think I'd have to read it several times to actually remember most of them!

Thursday was one of those “sit around the house and doing nothing much” type of days. It was miserable outside all day so Bro and I just stayed in and watched a TV series we have on DVD called Crusades. It’s a spin-off from Babylon 5, not as good but still decent.

We had Toby in the house for several hours today and despite a couple of biting episodes he was behaved fairly well. If we could just get him to stop the jumping and the biting it would make a huge difference. I think he’s still getting used to being out in the house (instead of outside or in his kennel) and isn’t too sure what to do. Once the novelty of it wears off I’m hoping he’ll settle down a bit.

I found it hard sticking to my weight watchers on such a lazy Thursday. I just wanted to munch and munch all day. I don’t know if it’s just because of boredom or what but it seemed that no matter how much I ate, I just wanted to keep eating. I managed not to go too far overboard so I’m pretty happy about that. I think B’s finding it a bit challenging too but I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it.

Yesterday we had another teacher/artist friend over (the same person we went out on the land with) and had a nice afternoon of tea, crackers and cheese. We just chatted and relaxed. It was really nice as we share many similar interests but also because she's worked at B's school and so they can chat about that sort of stuff. The tea we had was some loose tea we'd picked up in PEI this summer and it was awesome! We had a nice green tea followed by a scrumptious peppermint tea. They were delicious!

I still want to start a painting but am finding myself resisting it for some reason. Usually it’s because it’s a fair amount of work to set everything up and clean up afterwards. It’s usually worth it of course but I’m also unsure of a good spot to set my stuff up. Both the desks are now in use and really the only other place would be the kitchen table… I suppose if I set up there it would mean the table would actually get some use. I don’t know… I’m not even sure what I want to paint at this point and I think that’s the biggest thing stopping me.

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