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The Saga Continues

So we left PEI and got in to Toronto for an overnight stay before moving on to Winnipeg.  In Winnipeg we stayed overnight and were reunited with Toby the next morning. I was so happy to see the little bugger and he seemed equally happy to see us.  We all hopped on the plane and headed north.  When we arrived in Churchill they told us the weather was too bad to go any further and they were canceling the flight.  We also found out that our neighbour’s epileptic dog was still stuck there but one of the guys seemed to know him.  The same guy helped us get a hotel room and even drove us over… just as we got there the airport called us back and said they were going anyway.  We pulled in to the airport and the pilots were not happy.  When one of said “So we’re going to try afterall?” the response was “Well, I guess we don’t have a say in it either way.”  Yikes!  That should have been our first sign of trouble... So BOTH dogs got loaded on the plane and we were off.  When we got to our town there was so much fog and cloud cover that there was no way we were landing… and the next community was even worse!  So we were headed straight to a community called Baker Lake and that’s where we landed.  The one catch here was that we’d had to go without the luggage… So here we are, now with two dogs and no luggage in a strange community.  Thankfully Brody knew a teacher who was still in town for the summer and she set us up in another teacher’s house who was still on vacation.  We tried to settle in but it proved difficult as our neighbour’s dog wouldn’t stop crying and barking, not knowing what was going on, and seeing more and more fog rolling in.  The flight the next morning got out but we weren’t able to get on it as the medical patients had priority.  That was Friday morning.  No planes were able to land until Saturday night. 

<>Saturday we headed to the store to get some more food (enough for a few days in case we were stuck on Sunday too) and on our way out some of the people outside stopped us and told us they’d heard gunshots and to wait.  A few minutes later a woman came around the corner screaming hysterically, “He has a rifle!  Someone get my kids!!  My KIDS!!!”.  I was petrified, not knowing how far the shooter was or whether the kids were dead or in danger… we all headed back into the store and the woman was carried in, still screaming.  A couple of guys went and got the kids and the manager locked up the store and called the RCMP.  Eventually the guy who was shooting (apparently the woman’s son) was stopped by his father and grand-father and restrained.   I was still in shock… being stranded already and now this was pushing me very close to the edge.   I ended up lying down on the couch and relaxing for a good while before doing anything else that day.  </><>The next day the airline told us that they were going to fly the plane out to Rankin Inlet and then turn it around to come back for us.  I was not hopeful as the weather was pretty poor.  We got to the airport nice and early with both dogs and hoped for the best.  The plane took off and I was afraid it wouldn’t be able to get back in.  Two and a half hours later we heard it coming… it flew right over us.  My heart sank.  Then, miraculously about fifteen minutes later the plane landed.  I was so happy to see the damned thing that I almost burst into tears!  We all got on, including the two dogs and headed towards home… the weather was not looking hopeful.  Ranking Inlet was really bad but Captain Mackenzie landed us and we picked up a couple more people who were hoping to get into our town.  We took off despite a disheartening weather report and headed for home.  The cloud cover looked really thick and my stomach was in knots the whole time but after seeing that landing in Rankin I had a whole lot of faith in our Captain.  As we neared home the clouds began to break up… For the first time I was able to see land beneath us and my hopes soared.  I hoped with all my might that it would be clear over our town.  I was in luck!  We finally landed and a whole plane full of people (and two dogs) were elated to finally be home.  </> <> 

I must say that I think we were meant to be on that plane to Baker Lake because of our neighbour’s dog.  If we had opted to stay in the hotel, the dog would have been flying alone with no one to care for it in Baker.  His owner told us that we seriously saved the dog’s life.  It’s just another one of those things that makes me believe that things, as upsetting and inconvenient as they may be, happen for a reason.  </><>

On the homefront…our postmaster told us today that the high speed is finally available in our community!  The bad news is that the guy who’s setting it all up is gone until Monday.  That’s not too bad but I’m just hoping that he’s still got some modems left!   </> <>

One thing is for sure… this vacation has ruined my weight loss progress.  Okay, so my lack of self-control for yummy foods that I can’t get up here has ruined my weight loss progress.  However I did pick up some “exercise” videos, Carmen Electra style, which I hear are actually pretty funny.  I was thinking I might be able to kill two birds with one stone: lose weight and increase my “confidence”.  Who knows!  </>

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