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The Vacation Saga

We managed to get out of the north on Monday, June 13th as planned, despite some pretty poor weather.  We got to the airport and all of our luggage made it through along with Toby.  The people from the kennel were also there to meet us and pick up Toby from us.  With that all settled we headed to our hotel with Rusty, dropped him off in the room and took off to see a movie… actually two movies: Star Wars and Madagascar, with a stop at Best Buy on the way…There began my obsession over iPods.  As for the movies, I wasn’t too impressed with Madagascar in the least but Star Wars was pretty good.  I have to say, it felt really good to see a movie on the big screen again.  It was a pretty late night but it was worth it.

The next day we flew in to Ottawa and the nightmare began… okay, so nightmare might be a little extreme… the headache began.  We got into the airport and, to no one’s surprise my mother was not yet there.  I called her cell phone and found out she was just on the airport parkway and should be there shortly… until she called me back a few minutes later to let me know she’d missed the exit and would be a few more minutes.  *sigh*  So B and I hauled our luggage outside to wait for her.  Naturally when she got there she needed to us the … uhm… facilities, so B and I packed up the car as best we could considering it wasn’t empty to begin with and we had quite a few suitcases (thankfully a couple were empty and could be fit inside each other).  We headed straight to my mom’s place in Williamstown.  She told us that we could either sleep on the inflatable mattress in the living room or upstairs on the futon.  Now this is the point where you’re thinking “duh, the futon of course!  Why would we sleep on an air mattress?”  Why indeed!  We soon found out… the futon was somewhat buried in “box land”.   My mother moved into a new house in November you see and was still in the process of unpacking… so we dug out the futon and set it up.  It was the lumpiest thing I think I’ve ever slept on… after getting back home my mother told me the lumpiness was due to the sheets being too small for the mattress… something none of us had noticed while we were there.  

The rest of the time was somewhat stressful, as staying with my mother often is but we did have a few nice days.  We went shopping, of course (I continued to obsess over the iPod but did not buy it), and we headed into Montreal to see the Biodome (along with a tourbus of kids *groan*), Cirque du Soleil and take B for a caleche (horse and carriage) ride.  We all really enjoyed it.  We had dinner in Old Montreal before heading back to mom’s place.  The ride home was less than pleasurable with my mom being a nervous driver swerving whenever she got near to trucks and complaining that she couldn’t the lines on the road…  I personally had my head bumped into the car door frame twice.  I have to admit my patience was running short but I managed not to go completely ballistic.  We’d planned to go to the Thousand Islands the next day but instead we decided to relax, mail out some books that I wanted up north, get me an iPod and head up to Ottawa to hook up with Brody’s uncle.  We had a nice chat with his family before heading to the hotel we’d booked in Ottawa.  

The next morning, crisis hit.  We’d left all the summer clothes I’d bought at my mother’s house by accident.  So we detoured back to Williamstown (about an hour worth of backtracking) picked it up and headed off to Toronto.  We dropped Mom off at some family friend’s and headed downtown to stay at the Delta Chelsea and hook up with Mike and Laura.  It was really nice to get away from my mother for a bit but we realized that Delta Chelsea really wasn’t much better than some of the cheaper hotels in the area… lesson learned.  We had a really nice dinner with Hazel and Eumelos and made plans to hook up for breakfast the next morning… which was also quite nice… and then heading to a pagan store for some shopping.  Turned out that particular store is closing so the pickings were slim but I got some great books for half price, including a new release hardcover!   We then headed back to the hotel, collected our things, said our good-byes, headed to pick up Mom (so she wouldn’t have to drive out of Toronto alone) and meet up with Dad at the zoo.  I have to admit, it was really nice to be with Dad and be able to have a nice relaxing day at the zoo.  Since it was also Father’s Day, we took Dad out for supper at the Rainforest Café (one of my favourite restaurants) and then headed to Stratford.  We just took it easy at Dad’s place and I set up my old computer so I could transfer my MP3’s onto my new iPod.  

A couple of days later Dee came to pick us up and we spent a few days with her and her family.  We also got to meet F (finally!) who B decided should actually be known as Frank (he has a thing with mixing up names) and we all went to see Batman Begins, which I thought was incredible.  We had a really nice time with Dee’s family, eating Chinese food, playing karaoke and just hanging out.  I had a bit of problem with the cigarette smoke in the house but it was a really nice visit nonetheless.  Dee and I also took off one day to go shopping together.  We went to the few new-age type stores near her place and I ended up with a few really neat books, stones and some divination cards that I’d been looking for.  While the girls were out shopping the boys were hanging out and playing video games.  

Dad came to pick us up on Thursday and we headed back to Stratford.  We spent Friday at the beach with my Dad and Nana in Goderich where the water was inhumanely cold but the air temperature was much cooler than in the cities.  It was nice just to sit and relax in the shade.  We didn’t even realize how nice it was until we looked at the time and realized we’d been there for several hours!  We headed to a nice little restaurant for all you can eat fish and chips to end the day off.  Saturday was the family BBQ which was really nice and Sunday we headed back to Toronto for an overnight hotel stop before heading to PEI.  

PEI was somewhat hectic but also really nice.  B really wanted to see lots of people and we tried to get as much into the short week were there as we could.  It worked out pretty well.  We stayed with one of his Aunts, did more shopping, went to the range with his dad, brother and a friend, saw Bewitched and War of the Worlds at the theatre, went to the beach with his Dad and adopted Mom, ate lobster, had BBQ and Chinese food with friends/Family and watched the Canada Day fireworks from the comfort of his Aunt’s backyard.  We had quite a blast!  We each got a lovely gift from B’s adopted Mom too, which I thought was just so awesome.  By the end of it all however, I was looking forward to getting back home… little did I know what was yet to come!
To be continued...


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