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End of week update

Well I made it through yet another week at the school. I’m still not feeling completely over this bug that I’ve had but I’m well enough to function. Most of the week passed without incident but Friday was insane as there were seven teachers out either sick or taking a discretionary day. Needless to say that threw the lives of the tutors into upheaval as we were shifted around to cover as subs for these teachers during certain periods. I ended up subbing for the class that I usually tutor and there was no sub plan to go by so I ended up getting the students to watch a movie. I also filled in for the art teacher for one period which went off fairly well and I also covered a few of the students that the student support teacher usually works with since she was also gone. It was a crazy day but everyone made it through and it helped to know that it was the last full week before exams start. The next two weeks are four day work weeks and then exams start the Tuesday after. Thank the gods! I might just make it!

After school I waited around while B helped another teacher, J, set up for the dance he was holding. It took forever because J got stuck in an exceptionally long staff meeting and B didn’t want to leave until he’d spoken to J to make sure everything was okay. Although I was getting really antsy and bored waiting around it worked out to be a blessing in disguise because a lady of the community came in looking to sell a beautiful doll that she’d made for an insanely good price! I’d been looking to get one of these types of dolls so I quickly asked one of the guys who speaks Inuktitut to translate for me and let her know that I’d buy it but just had to go get the money for her. A few minutes later I had purchased the doll. It’s very well made and I’m really glad that I’d been there at the right time to get it. The doll has caribou fur pants, a beautiful caribou skin parka with trim on it and everything, a stone face and rabbit fur hair. I just love it!

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty laid back day. B and I were both pretty worn out so we took it fairly easy. We took Toby for a nice long walk in the morning to try and give him some good exercise while we got some errands done. It was a bit chilly but not too bad for a walk. Toby didn’t seem to mind at all. He’s getting much better at walking with us though he does have his moments where he acts up quite a bit. I think that’s just a matter of getting him more used to walking with us. He stayed in the house with us for a bit after we got home and he actually lay down on the floor for a bit. We had to keep the cat in a separate room though otherwise Toby would just chase him and get more wound up. The rest of the day was taken up with various low key activities such as movie watching and game playing. At one point I grabbed my sketch book and a picture of some penguins and did a couple of sketches too. It felt really nice to get some drawing in. I’m thinking of making the penguins into a painting but I’m not sure yet. B also wants me to try drawing some horses that he found in another picture. That will definitely be more challenging but I suppose I should give it a shot.

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