Goth face


That's the only way I can describe the way I've been feeling this morning. I've been feeling this way on and off for the past week and I love it!! I love feeling good. I feel sexi and unstoppable! I don't have the words to describe it accurately, but it's a great feeling.

This feeling makes me want to dance provocatively, makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs. It makes me feel like a goddess. Makes me aware of the true me that sometimes gets overshadowed by the influences of stress, doubt and the outside world.

Last night I got IM'd by a guy online. I have no clue where these people find me... I mean, they find me through Yahoo, but there are so many people there I wonder what brings them to my profile. He was quite an interesting person, but at the same time strange. He seemed completely enthralled by me, but I couldn't help but believe that he was being insincere. Maybe I'm just not very trusting, maybe it's healthy suspicion. Afterall, he only just "met" me. But I did do something out of character and called him on the phone (his request, not mine) and he sang to me accompanied by his acoustic guitar. He has a really nice voice and a few times I just sat back and enjoyed the sound of it. It was rather interesting and just a bit outside my comfort zone. Of course, I think that might have been my favourite part.

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Hmmm.. neat.

I wonder if you have positive aspects to Mars.
damn you're fast Valk!! I'm still trying to catch up on posts from the past few days.

I'm really not sure how I relate to Mars, but it is interesting given it's position right now that I would be feeling this way. If you're curious my exact DOB is Sept. 21, 1978 3:43am (at least that's the time my mom gave me). It's a neat looking chart but I can't really read it to save my life. Just looks pretty to me! ;)