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Good but sad news

I talked to my mom today and she’s offered to adopt Rusty! I was so happy to hear her offer that I accepted it right away. We have him booked to fly out with us in June and she’s already decided to make the sun room into a little cat room for him! We’re still going to help with vet bills but she’ll take care of him and feed him so it’s a pretty good deal. It will also be nice to know that he’s somewhere where I’ll be able to visit him.

We’ve decided to board Toby in a kennel in Winnipeg while we’re visiting my family this summer. We were just having way too much trouble finding someone up here to take care of him that we actually trusted. So he’s booked to fly out with us in June too! The whole family will be going on a plane trip! We’ll probably have someone come pick him up from the airport too so that we don’t have to worry too much about getting him to the kennel.

I’m feeling so relieved knowing that all my babies are going to be taken care of and that I’ll be able to get better. I was really worried that I was going to have to give Rusty up for adoption to a shelter or something but I’m really glad that I don’t. I really do like it when things fall into place.

As for me, I’m feeling quite a bit better but still not 100%. My throat is still pretty sore and making it rather difficult to swallow but apart from that I’m doing all right. The fever seems to finally be gone and the headaches aren’t nearly as bad as they were. A couple painkillers seems to do the trick!

I got my new bike today. I bought it second hand from a guy who works at the store up here and I love it! It’s full suspension and looks pretty stylish. The guy who sold it to me only used it twice so it still looks brand new! I’m looking forward to using it this summer.

B got his contract renewed for another year so we’re going to be here at least that much longer. I’m really glad it was renewed because I like our new home and didn’t want to have to move again this year. Once in a year is more than enough! His principle is still going to try and get him an indeterminate contract though, so we’ll see how that works out. You never know, there may be a bit more luck headed our way!
I'm glad that the contract stuff got renewed at least for another year. I'm sure it was stressful waiting to hear!
So what are the plans for June? I feel a bit out of the loop. :(
Yeah, it definitely feels good to have some security!
As for June, it's pretty much one week with my mom and one week with my dad and a kidnapping by the Carlisle family. We have no wheels to get around so we're limited to whatever drives other people can offer us. We've actually been pretty lucky with it so far but it looks like we'll only have an overnight in Toronto and not an actual full day. We might be able to hook up for a breakfast or lunch date though since it will be a weekend if ya can swing it.
I'm sure we can swing something in the time you have in Toronto.
When are you going to be in Carlisle and for how long? We might be able to visit with you there. It would be nice to hang together with Dee too. ;)
So does this mean Bro can give me some kind of indication if he'll be going to the wedding? I've been worried about this since he's in the wedding party. :(
I'm so glad for you hon, that your mom is willing to look after Rusty. I know how hard it is on you to have to give him up, but it will be for the best I'm sure. I will be happy knowing your health is coming first and foremost.


And congrats to Bro for landing another year!
Yeah, it's kind of funny because I'm happy and sad about Rusty all at the same time. I think part of me really did know that my allergy was causing me at least SOME trouble as far as feeling well/sick goes and my doc from TO used to say things like "I guess there's no chance that you'll be getting rid of the cat" when I'd complain about my asthma... soooo I think I've been mentally preparing on a certain level for quite a while now. Plus, I have this super duper friend who's insanely allergic to cats that I'd like to be able to have over someday and this should help make that a better possibility! ;)

*laughs maniacally* Ooookay, the pills i'm on made me loopy today and I forgot I already replied to this post.


I would like to visit you someday, and mabye it will be possible next year. I think it would be cool to see the great white north. :)

I thought I was having deja-vu! ;) I'd love to have you visit the great white north too... though right now I'm getting a little bit bored of the "white" part of it. LoL
I'm glad to hear that your mother is going to take Rusty, and he'll be somewhere where you'll be able to see him once in awhile.

And congrats to Bro! *waves*