Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Is it over yet?

Just when you think it’s all over something else needs to be done. We went to sign out of the old apartment yesterday and found out that we had to actually SCRUB the whole place clean. I’d already vacuumed and swept the floors but the lady signing us out told us that they actually wanted us to wash the walls, doors and pretty much every other surface in sight. *sigh* So B and I stayed there until 1:00 am scrubbing and cleaning the damn thing. It was three hours of scrubbing, scrubbing and more scrubbing. If you ask me she was being WAY too picky. She wanted us to wipe all the fingerprints off the walls and some of the ones she was pointing out you really had to look for! If we didn’t do it ourselves they’d get someone to come in and clean it and we’d be billed for it. Of course then she tells us how she once invoiced someone $15,000 for cleaning and stuff. B and I almost pass out as she clarifies that there was a lot of actual damage to that apartment though. Ack! It looks amazing in our old place now so they better not give us any more trouble. We actually really lucked out when our neighbour offered her Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thingy to us. It works SO well that we got even more done than we thought possible! We’re planning on buying about ten of them to keep on hand over here now! Anyway, she’s coming back this afternoon to finish the sign-out so we’ll finally be free of that place! I’m actually considering heading back over there before then to give it another vacuum, just in case a dust mote fell on the carpet making it “dirty” and therefore in need of cleaning.

I still have a ton of unpacking to do at the new place but part of me is a little reluctant to do it in case B’s contract doesn’t get renewed. I suppose I shouldn’t think like that but it’s a worry. I really hope that he gets that indeterminate contract. I did however find the curtains I’d been looking for. They’re a bit long for the window I wanted them on so I’m going to have to shorten them. They do look really nice in the kitchen though. It just adds that extra touch. I have some for the office and spare bedroom too and need to get smaller curtain rods for the master bedroom and living room if I want to put curtains up… which I’ll most likely end up doing since I have enough made already.

In other news, my weight watchers diet is going pretty well. I’ve lost another two pounds which isn’t that surprising to me considering all the exercise I’ve done this past week. I’m really beginning to feel that my weight loss goal is achievable and I don’t have to give up all the yummy things I like; I just have to be careful how much of them I eat. I have to admit that I’m enjoying the feeling of being satisfied by my food instead of overstuffed by it.

We’re having yet another blizzard here today. It’s snowing like crazy but it’s not too awful. I know that spring will come up here eventually but I’ve really adapted to the way it is up here already. I’m not anticipating and expecting the snow to melt anymore. I’m finally okay with it being a snow covered land and am finding ways to enjoy it, snow and all. I will be happy to see the snow melt and plants start to pop up but I’m no longer wishing the snow away. I’m actually pretty surprised by it myself which is probably why I’ve written about it ore than once. Before moving up here I thought that I’d always miss trees and greenery, and I do miss it, but I’ve learned to like this land the way it is too and be happy with it. There are other natural wonders and beauty up here to enjoy so why dwell on and long for something I can’t have? Instead I embrace the land here as it is and am much happier for it.

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