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New house afterall?

I got called in to fill in at the school Wednesday afternoon. I had one of the more hyperactive classes too. Thankfully I only had to teach them for 2 periods and then bring them down to the gym for the last class. Originally they were going to go skating but they were all complaining that the ice was melting and they wanted to go to the gym instead. So, gym it was and I watched them as they burned off lots of energy playing soccer.

The rest of the night was pretty relaxed. We took Toby for a nice walk, came back and watched some TV then I went to bed early because I was exhausted. I’m thinking I’d like to try and make sure he gets more walks instead of just being out on his rope all the time. I think he really likes the walks and once we get him out of the pulling us all the way, we’ll probably enjoy them too. We’ve started some more training with him too. When he’s in the house now, he’s on his leash with us until he learns to stay calmer inside. He still gets lots of “free time” when he’s outside and I’m thinking we should start playing with him outside more often so that he knows that’s the place to be more rambunctious. The main problem that we’re still having with him is biting and jumping. I have a feeling those problems are going to take a bit longer to get rid of.

This morning I woke up with a migraine. I don’t know why I’m getting them all of a sudden when previously I hadn’t been getting them at all… or at least very rarely. I wonder what’s causing them.

B talked to housing again yesterday and it looks like they’re going to move us now. They just have to have a meeting HR to finalize things and they’re planning on moving us into one of the two storey “castles”. B is thrilled about this and I’m pretty happy about it too since it means no more worrying about leaking ceilings and the heater breaking down on us. I’m hoping we get the official okay soon as I’d like to have the certainty and know when we can start moving things. I will miss this apartment but I feel that this will be for the better. It will be nice to have two floors as well. I think it will feel more like a home that way and with any luck, B will get his indeterminate contract and we’ll be able to stay as long as we want!

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