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So, I joined weight watchers four days ago. I figured I may as well try something to get my weight under control and I figure this will probably help me develop better eating habits altogether anyway. So far so good too. I just have to keep track of what I eat and how much and I can key stuff in online to find out how I'm doing and it calculates everything for me. Technically I can plan my whole week out but right now I'm pretty much going with "what am I in the mood for now and how much can I have". It's pretty flexible but structured enough to give some kind of guidelines. So, I'm going to stop whining about being unhealthy and am doing something about it instead. :)

In other news, I went out on a little trip on the land yesterday. We left at around 1:30pm and got back around 5:30pm. It was just incredible being out on the land like that. We drove across the frozen Hudson Bay all the way there. There were about five separate skidoos and we really did look like a pack of animals running together. There were a couple people being pulled in a kamutik (large wooden sled) too. It took us over an hour to get to Century Island but it was really neat to see. I couldn’t wait to get there since I had needed to answer a call of nature for a while and bumping up and down on a ski-doo wasn’t helping! However, I didn’t let this stop me from noticing the awesome sights of the land. As we zipped across the Hudson I saw huge chunks of ice jutting straight up out of the snow. I can’t imagine how strong a force would have been needed to create something like that! I also saw drift of snow that looked like waves caught in suspended animation. Since we were on the Bay I have a feeling that might actually be what they were too. It really was beautiful.

The island itself was neat because there were areas where the snow had melted enough to see some of the mosses and little plants beneath. You could also see the flow edge in the distance (not too far off) where there was all open water. It was really neat!

Two of the other gals and myself then took off on the ski-doos for a tour around the island. I really enjoyed going out on the ski-doo on my own but my thumb got really sore from pushing the lever for the gas. If only it had a foot pedal! It was really nice though and I even took a little jump on the ski-doo! It’s much different driving than sitting on the back!

When I got back to the camp B and G were shooting at targets and the rest of the gang were sitting around the little stove that Marvin had brought. They were cooking tea on it made with Century Island snow! It was really great. I took a couple shots at the targets, had a bit of the snacks and some tea and we all sat around and chatted for a bit before heading back home, except for one couple who’d gone out to look around the island.

We took a different route on the way back and got to see a section of ice where there was open water from the currents moving beneath. I actually thought it was manmade for fishing or something at first. Turns out I was wrong. Nature is so incredible sometimes!

I have to admit I was happy to see the town though. I was starting to get really cold, specifically my feet! Our ski-doo stalled just in sight of it but we managed to get it started back up and were home shortly and I was just exhausted! I went to bed SUPER early too and it's probably a good thing I got lots of sleep because today I'm REALLY sore from all the bumping around on the ski-doo. Of course this means that I get to spend most of my day vegging out which isn't too bad but it means I don't get much done. I'm really glad I went though. It was nice to get out of the house and out of town. I can't wait to do stuff like that during the warmer months!!

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