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A looooong update on what I did while my computer had no power...

March 11

Well another storm is in full force today and school was cancelled.  Of course we still had to head out to pay our ski-doo bill and electric bill.  It was actually fairly mild out despite the storm, so the biggest problem to deal with was the wind and blowing snow.  We got all decked out in our parka’s and headed off to get some groceries and pay off those bills.  It was just incredible walking in the middle of an Arctic blizzard and when you have the right gear on it’s not too bad at all.  It’s easy to get disoriented with the visibility being so poor though, but we made it safely to the store and got our shopping done.  We decided to fork over the cash to take a cab back however since we did have quite a bit of stuff that would have been really hard to carry through a blizzard.  A short while after we’d gotten home I got a call from the school telling me that my paycheque was there and I could come and pick it up.  I decided I may as well go and get it since we also realized that we’d forgotten to pay the electric bill!  So we got geared back up and headed out again.  I picked up my cheque, we paid the bill and headed home, again by cab.  After that B and I were both pretty tired.  I ended up lying down and having a nap while he watched TV.  B cooked some yummy lasagna after I got up.  After we were finished eating we headed over to G and D’s place to hang out for a bit.  We’d invited them over to our place but they didn’t want to come because G wanted to drink.  It bothers me that they can’t even come over for one night because they want to be able to drink.  So we went over there and chatted for a bit then played some karaoke.  Overall we had a pretty good time. I’d been hoping to get home fairly early so that I could do some scrying for the dark moon but the guys were oblivious to time and I didn’t want to be accused of being rude and leaving early (as there’d already been one comment made when I said I was getting tired at 10:30).   So we didn’t get home until after midnight and I was way too exhausted to do any kind of dark moon work.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until next month. 

March 12

The storm lifted a bit today and the temperature was only -15 C, so we decided to fire up the ski-doo and go driving around.  I drove for the first bit and had my first tip over!  B and I both got dumped into the snow and I sat there on my back laughing.  I was nice and bundled up so I didn’t really feel the cold or the snow much.  I’d finally decided to fork over the cash for a pair of snowpants that actually fit me so I was wearing them.  I had another pair that had been made for me by one of the women up here but they just don’t fit at all and drove me insane when I did try to wear them.  They were just too big on me and sized really strangely even though we’d given her measurements.  The elastic on it also had no elasticity whatsoever so they would constantly fall down.  I was going to alter them myself but just couldn’t be bothered.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find some use for them.

I tried out the caribou kamiks (boots) that B got last year.  They’re awesome.  Usually when I go out on the ski-doo my feet get cold really quickly.  With the kamiks though, my feet stayed warm the whole day!!  They’re really light too because they’re made completely out of caribou skin and fur and you can feel the snow through the soft bottoms.  It’s kind of massaging actually.  We’re both thinking of getting a pair now since that pair is second hand and doesn’t fit either of us too well. 

While we were out driving around the town I got to see a few places that I hadn’t seen before.  I found out that there are two little parks with swings and jungle gyms.  Now that I know they’re there I might go out and have a swing when it get a bit warmer out. 

When we got home we tried out B’s pana (snow knife) and cut our first block of snow.  The pana is the tool the Inuit use to carve blocks for igloos.  B wanted to stay out and keep cutting blocks to make an inushuk but I was getting cold and headed inside.

March 14

Today was a beautiful day.  It was around -10˚C so L-J and I decided to take the opportunity to get outside and soak up some of the sun and fresh air.  We were out walking for a good 2 hours getting errands done.  I wore the kamiks again and they kept my feet nice and warm.  They’re also fun for “sliding” in.  It’s like skating on snow!  There is no actual grip on the bottom so it’s pretty easy to just slide around.  I was nice and tired by the time I got home and it felt good.

March 18

I finally planted some of my seed on Wednesday.  I used up every yogurt container and cottage cheese container in the whole house.  I even cut a pop bottle in half to use as a pot!  So far I’ve planted mint, chives, lettuce, parsley, lavender and marigolds.  Most of them are supposed to germinate within 7-10 days so now I just have to wait and see what happens!

Yesterday, B came home with a beautiful, potted Easter Lily for me.  I didn’t even know they’d gotten flowers in the store up here.  They haven’t had any plants available since last year around October.  I was a really nice surprise and adds a nice, fresh bit of colour to the apartment.  I’m keeping them out in the living room so that I can enjoy them all day and they can get lots of light.

March 20 (evening)

Another one of my plants sprouted today! I have two marigold sprouts for the Spring Equinox!!  I was really excited when I saw them!!  I still have three more pots of seeds that need to sprout and I’m absolutely loving the surprise of waking up in the morning or coming home in the evening to see new bits of green poking through the soil.  I really do love plants, even though I used to have a hard time keeping them alive.  I’ve had a lot more luck with them since I moved up here though, and I think that’s ultimately what gave me the confidence to try planting seeds.  Still I think a small part of me wasn’t sure if I’d actually get anything to grow… but they did!!  It just goes to show that you should try the things you want even if you aren’t sure it will work out.

March 24

My chives have sprouted!!  They popped up out of the ground a couple of days ago and I was thrilled to see them!!  Now half of the seeds I planted have sprouted!!  It’s just so incredible!!

I had the worst day subbing EVER on Tuesday.  I had four classes of grade 9’s and no prep periods.  I was teaching Drama and a lot of the kids were just not into what we were doing (play reading) at all!  I spoke with the teacher for one of the grade 9 classes to advise him of the class’s behaviour and really didn’t give any of the students any slack during class.  I even kicked a few students out of the class.  I later found out that one of the students I kicked out and sent to see the principal has been a big problem for most of the teachers and a lot of them are afraid of him.  In retrospect it was probably good that I didn’t know about his history because I stood up to him and didn’t take his crap but rather treated him like any other student.  I have to admit that I was so worried about how good of a job I’d done that I was having nightmares.  I am so glad that I don’t have to sub again until April 5th!  I need the break!

On my way home from the school today I realized that I was still carrying a lot of negative energy inside me from the experience and I decided to try and let it go.  As I walked, I visualized the negativity leaving me through the soles of my feet, just draining out of me and leaving black negative ooze in the footprints behind me.  I did not look back to see the negativity, I just left it behind me to be absorbed by the snow and the earth where it could be neutralized.  Then I started to draw positive energy down from the sun while continuing to let go of all the negative energy I could.  By the time I got home I have to say that I felt quite a bit better.  I think I’m going to use that technique in the future and also try to find out other sources to draw positive energy from!

March 25

I now have a few sprouts of green showing in both the mint and parsley pots!  That means the only one left to sprout is the lavender!  I'm hoping that it will take. 

Today is the first day of March Break up here (although it still looks like December outside).  We got some chores done but overall it was a pretty relaxed day.  I still seem to be having some trouble sleeping and my stomach is bothering me today.  I'm really hoping that it's just indigestion... ugh!

March 28

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately.  I really enjoy reading and I’m glad that I’m taking the extra bit of time I have to do it these days.  I just finished “Tuesdays with Morrie” a couple of days ago and it was a really nice story.  I’ve recommended that Brody read it too since I think he’d probably like it.  I’ve also finished reading “True Magick” and have read the first chapter of “A Witch Alone” twice.  They are both really good books and I’m actually thinking of doing one of the ritual/spells from “True Magick” for self-healing or self-blessing (can’t remember which at the moment).  The more I read my book on Wiccan and Witchcraft the more I really feel my faith growing and becoming stronger.  I also feel happier with myself.  I’ve been continuing with the Full Moon and Sabbat activities when I can and even trying to do something for the New or Dark Moon too.  I really feel like I can honestly claim to that I am Wiccan now in more than just title.  I am learning and living my faith.  I am becoming more connected to the world and the spirit realm. 

Brody and I got quite a bit of cleaning done today.  We got almost all of the dishes done (and there were a lot!) and I’ve got a few loads of laundry in progress.  Of course we also took a number of opportunities to play some video games and relax!!

I had an idea yesterday that I think I’m going to act on.  I’d thought of writing a story about my step-dad and my relationship with him.  There are so many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) snapshots and memories that I would like to record before I forget them.  Everytime I think about it I remember a few more.  I think it would be a really good thing for me to do on many levels, including grieving.  I think I’m going to try and get it started over the next few days.

So that brings us all up to date!! 

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