Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

back from the sticks

Just got back from a trip to the thriving metropolis of Carlisle. Went with LadyDogstar to visit her parents. It was so nice to get out of town for short time with nothing in the world to worry about. Carlisle, for those of you who don't know (which is probably pretty much all of you) is located just a few minutes drive from Burlington. It was so nice there. I was raised in the country and love going back to places that are removed from the city like that. It was great! I'm so thankful to LadyDogstar for footing the bill for the train ticket. We went there to visit her parents who are really neat. We had some great chats and some great laughs and her mother kept feeding us which is great by me!! I picked one buttercup and one Queen Anne's lace for my RL journal to remind me.

Tomorrow is a holiday so I'm going to have to make good use of the time and study for my exam that's coming up on August 11th. It's the final so I have to make sure I know my stuff. I really want to get a good mark in this course (Religion). Of course I'm sure I'll do fine, but that's not the same as really well! *grin*

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