Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

another quick update

So I came into the school today to use the computer since B had to come in to help some students anyway. That means I get to update my journal and read what everyone else has been up to these days. I'm really missing having a computer at home to work on since I like to journal every morning and it's so much faster typing than writing. I did check the status of my adapter online though and it looks like I should be getting it really soon! It's been shipped and already arrived in Winnipeg so hopefully it will go straight through from there up here to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Then all I have to do is send the old one back out. Of course the new one will still work even if I don't send the old one back but it will be charged to B's credit card for the cost of a new one.

I had a nice surprise this morning. Some of the seeds I'd planted a few days ago (Wednesday, I think) have sprouted!! It is the lettuce seeds that Dee had sent me that have sprouted first! Go lettuce!! I was so insanely thrilled when I saw them that I ran and got my camera to take pictures of my first sprouts. This is the first time I've grown something from seed and having it sprout is just such an amazing feeling! The other plants take longer to germinate so I'm not expecting to see any signs of life for a few more days yet. I'm so excited!!

In other news, I've finished reading "The Earth Path" by Starhawk and even used the seed blessing when I planted my seeds! I really enjoyed it an have already been trying to implement some changes of my own. I'm hoping to take the opportunity over the summer to try out some more of the exercises she mentions and probably even trying some of them between now and then.

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