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quick update

Just wanted those who care to know that I'm not online these days because my AC Adapter for my laptop kicked the bucket last week. A new one is on the way but until then I'm only online if I'm at the school and I'm not here that much. See you soon!
I'm hoping so! I just checked the Purolator website and they shipped the adapter (finally) on Friday... soooo I should be getting it Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting.
I was wondering too! I thought maybe a polar bear..... ;) kidding.
Come back soon!
nope, no polar bears.... yet! Of course I should get to see some this year since we'll be sticking around for most of the summer. I'm really looking forward to taking pictures of caribou and pretty arctic flowers. There is surprisingly a really wide variety of really beautiful plants up here! :D
Nope, not only is his a different voltage but it's currently in Brampton along with the rest of his laptop to be repaired since it was royally screwed up. We couldn't even get it to turn on anymore!