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I feel like writing today but find myself completely blank. My migraine is finally gone and I got a lot of good sleep last night. I woke up feeling so refreshed and energized it was amazing! I guess I just really needed a good night’s rest without interruptions.

Speaking of interruptions, one of the things we’ve done is moved Toby’s kennel out of the bedroom and into the little coat room. He seems to be much happier in there and if he decides to wake up in the night and start making noise it isn’t as intrusive. We wanted him in the bedroom for the first few months because the different books we were reading told us that puppies needed to sleep nearby in order to feel that they are part of the pack. Now that he’s showing us he’s part of the pack (always wanting to be with us) we’re more comfortable moving his kennel out of the bedroom. Of course he still gets to hang out with family during the day! He’s getting better at sitting quietly on the floor while chewing on rawhide… I think he’s learned that sitting quietly means he gets more time with the pack.

Today I’m really proud of myself. I’ve been trying to find ways to conserve energy and save money for the past few weeks and I just received my first “proof” that it’s paying off. We got our new water/waste bill (our water is delivered and waste removed by trucks as there is no water or sewage system up here) and we used 2,000 litres less water this billing cycle than last cycle! I’m so thrilled with this! I believe our electricity bill also went down a bit this month which is another awesome achievement for us. I’ve been really trying to use natural light as much as I can and make sure I’m very conscious of turning off lights that aren’t needed. I’m also slowly trying to switch all of our bulbs over to the energy conserving type and for every bulb that gets switched I feel a little bit better about myself and doing what I can to reduce energy consumption. There are so many little things that I’m doing now that I just took for granted before. I shut down my laptop when I’m not using it instead of keeping it running, I put a bucket in the tub when I’m going to have a shower to catch the water that comes out while I’m adjusting to the right temperature and will use it to water my plants and try to cut down on my shower time altogether. These all seem like such small little things but now I’m finally seeing the payoff. My driving motive is an environmental one but the financial payoff is a really nice bonus! First step energy efficient light bulbs and water conservation, next step windmills and solar panels!! (Okay, so maybe it will be a little while before I get to that point).

I spent a few hours painting today. It was really pleasant because I sat at my desk with the sun streaming in the window and just enjoyed the light and warmth while being creative. I did something a little bit different which was using a doodle to make a painting. It turned out really nicely and I have it up on the bedroom wall. It’s always nice trying something new and having it work out well. Sometimes it still amazes me how much work I’ve done, artistically speaking, since moving up here. I guess that’s what happens when I’m not stressed to the breaking point all the time! Who would have thunk it!

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