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Beware of Blizzards

This morning I saw my first sign of life for this year… A big, black crow hopping around in the snow outside my window during a blizzard. It is currently eight o’clock in the morning and I am supposed to be going in to sub today. I keep hoping for a call telling me that school is cancelled but the phone is silent. Sometimes I really wonder why I don’t just say no when I’m asked to sub… Especially on days like today when I have a migraine. The worst part is the principal told me to call him this morning if I still had the migraine. So why don’t I call? Stubbornness maybe. I don’t want to say no and then never be called again either. I guess that boils down to fear. Gods know we can use the extra cash now and then.

I really didn’t want to go in today but still I went. When I got there I found out that I only had to sub for the first half of the day and one period was a prep. Because of the blizzard there weren’t a lot of students. The students that were there were a bit rowdy by the second period though. Halfway through that class I was very relieved that I’d only been called in to cover for the morning. I went home and slept for the whole afternoon in an effort to get rid of the migraine. It didn’t work. Since we were having company over that night I ended up taking one of my prescription meds and trying to relax for as long as I could before I had to start getting things ready. It took the usual four hours for the migraine to disappear but I didn’t have it while company was over.

All in all not my best day so far but we had a good time with out friends playing karaoke and laughing our butts off.

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