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The birthday party went fairly well yesterday. Almost all of the teachers were there and the present was received fairly well. It helped that B had spoken with C earlier in the day, at school. He told her that he knew what she was referring to and who had told her that he’d been trash talking her. She confirmed that his guess was right so he clarified that nothing we said was bad and he’d doubled checked with the other people who were at the table. He also said that she should be careful who she trusts because if someone can do that to him, they can just as easily do it to her. He also found out that C apparently thought I must hate her. He said that the feeling was mutual and I thought that she hated me… especially given the whole getting mad about asking if she wanted me to host her party. So I guess that’s been sorted out as best as it can. I’m still going to be careful around a lot people but at least it’s becoming apparent very quickly who those people are.

At the actual party we mostly chilled out and after some of the people had left and a bunch of us grabbed our various musical instruments and played for a bit. B and I were one of the last ones to leave and overall I think we both had a really good time. I know that I decided not to let the past crap bother me. Of course I think it probably helped that I’d been trying to let it all go since I’d first been made aware of the problem. I have to say though, I’m glad that the air is cleared now.

As many of you who read my journal know, I’ve been struggling with my weight and my eating habits for several years now and I feel that it’s finally gotten to the point where I need to really kick my own butt. Last night I made the decision that I would make a vow to myself. I’d thought of making a vow to the Gods but I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that quite at this point. Perhaps I will change my mind. In any case, I have vowed to myself that as of today I will not eat potato chips until I am down to my ideal weight. No exceptions. I’m even thinking of writing “vow” on a little piece of paper and sticking it on the back of my watch or something so that I always have it with me as a reminder. I know that this is going to be a very hard thing for me to accomplish since chips are my comfort food but I’m just going to have to find some other way to cope that doesn’t involve junk food.
That's actually a really good idea. I'm trying to have a little space of desk where I can keep most of my art stuff readily available instead of having to drag it out of a bin or something and put it all back afterwards. I could always sketch too... that takes less "equipment". Thanks for the suggestion!
Well I wouldn't cut junk food out all the time. Make sure you allow yourself to have some on special days.

The number one thing that helped me is that I finally convinced mom not to buy any. then I go through the kitchen, look for some chips, don't find any, give up and do something else.

So my advice always eat n' fill up before going grocery shopping.

I wish you luck we are in this damn weight loss thing together.
Re: Hmm..
Oh no worries there! I'm not cutting ALL junk food out!! LOL Just the potato chips for now. One thing at a time and yes, I'm going to make sure they don't come into the house. I'll still have other snacky foods and some other junk foods that I like (popcorn) for those times when I want something like potato chips... you know, something that's a bit better for me.

I usually do try and eat before grocery shopping. I go nuts in the store if I don't! LoL

Good luck to you too weight loss buddy! :D
I'm glad the birthday thing went down pretty well and stuff got cleared up. What is it with people who make shit up just to fuck around? Like, why would someone say Bro was saying stuff if he wasn't? What is the point. Stupid people. I think we should kick their asses. ;)

The weight loss stuff is always hard, says the girl who is trying her best to stick with the gym thing. I agree with T about not cutting stuff out completely, that might just make you crave it even more. Maybe decide you can only have one of those little bags once a week or something, start small and reduce. Or maybe try to replace your chip cravings with someone else thats a little lower in cals or fat? You have to be able to eat what you want at least some of the time or it will be hard to stick with any changes you try to make. And, if you make it a vow to the gods... then if you break it you're gonna hate yourself even more I think. Try to find ways to make it easier on yourself and little steps towards the goal are good... they don't have to be giant jumps with greater chances of falling over.
I don't know what's with people who make shit up like that but I definitely agree that we should kick their asses! All they do is end up hurting people for no good reason! Aaargh! Makes me mad!

I'm only going to cut the potato chips out completely. That still leaves the lower fat snacks like pretzels and popcorn but I'd like to try and have something more nutritious if I do start craving... ideally. Eventually I'm hoping I can cut other "bad foods" out but for now I'm going to tackle only my biggest weakness.

The whole hating myself for breaking a vow to the Gods is exactly why I don't think I want to take this that far. I think just making a vow to myself should give me the incentive I need without the fear of repercussion if I do slip.
I'm with Hazel on this - making it a vow to the Gods will only make you frustrated more if you break it.

When I first tried to quit, I made a vow to the Gods. When I went back, I felt horrible - not only was I breaking a promise, but a promise to Them!

Ask for their help, and their support...but make this a vow to yourself.

You can do it sweetie, I have faith in you.
Yeah, that's why I'm keeping it as a vow to myself. For some reason I hadn't thought of just asking the Gods for help though. Don't know why. LoL I'm sure I can do it too but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty tough.