Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Oh the drama...

After work yesterday I came home and starting working on a birthday present for one of the younger teachers ... I hesitate to say friend as this is one of the people who I've found out probably really isn't a friend at all. I’d wanted to do a painting of a fairy for her because a few months ago she’d mentioned really liking fairies. With all that’s happened recently I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to give her an original piece of artwork. I just didn’t know if it would be appreciated. I decided to go ahead and do it anyway and I’m glad that I did. I used one of my statues as a model (since I really didn’t have anything else to go by) and just added some simple wings. I love the way the colours turned out and the different effects I tried, like using salt. I even mixed my own shade of brown and it was really beautiful! I’ve always ended up with something muddy when I’ve tried to mix a brown before but this time it was a beautiful light brown, perfect for the hair! I am really proud of myself for having done that let alone actually trying to put some colour to skin. I really just ended up highlighting the skin but it worked out and I was really happy with it. I’m thinking of making another one for myself too! In the meantime I’ve scanned it into the computer and turned it into an icon! (Yup, I'm using it for this post...well a cropped, shrunken version of it) Anyway, the birthday party is tonight so we’ll see how it goes.

I have to admit that I’m really glad I didn’t get called in to work today. I think two days in a row is the most I like to do. It went pretty well yesterday except that the night before we’d gotten a little present on our front step. Whoever left it took off in a hurry. It was a bottle of something that was supposedly iced tea according to the note left with it. It also said “Happy New Year to Brody and his girlfriend Meghan” and underneath that was “Bitch”. Needless to say it really upset me. I’d seen the kids run over to the house across the street and then the outside light was turned off a few minutes after. I told Brody not to go over because it wasn’t worth it but he knew I was really upset by the note. He waited until I was asleep and then he snuck over there. I found out only because Toby decided to rat on him and started barking to go out. When Brody didn’t answer my sad little cries to put Toby out I realized he wasn’t in the house. When I put Toby out I saw him across the street. He told me who had answered and it was one of the girls in the class I was subbing for along with another girl who were saying they didn’t do it. Of course that is entirely possible because I wasn’t sure if the kids I saw running away actually went into the house or kept running past it. Either way, when the student got in to class yesterday she was not in a happy mood and asked why we’d blamed her. I explained to her that we weren’t blaming her but whoever had left the note and bottle of mystery juice (which was poured down the sink) had run to the house where she was. It was a tense morning to say the least and the Inuit counselor at the school thinks he might have tracked down the perpetrator (Brody asked him to look into it) but all I keep thinking is that we’re just making enemies in the community. *sigh*

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