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A Different Kind of Dream

Last night I had a dream about one of my exes, Mat. Usually when I have dreams about him, I’m still in love with him and often wanting to go back to him despite current relationships. I tend to wake up feeling guilty or feel bad during the dream because my dream self is being unfaithful and I know it. This time it was different. This time I saw him and recognized him but without as strong of a feeling of attraction and desire. He saw and recognized me too. We walked and talked for a bit and he told me he was married. Somehow this seemed to release something for me and the rest of my interaction with him during the dream was completely platonic and friendly. It was very relieving and healing I think. It’s as though my mind has finally allowed me to let go of that relationship while still acknowledging that it’s a part of me that no longer holds any power over me. It is actually one of the relationships I focused on letting go of during my kundalini work. Perhaps this is my mind’s way of doing so. I also remember having a dream where I just heard someone calling my name over and over. I haven’t heard someone calling my name like that in years. I used to hear people calling my name when I was kid and usually when I was awake.

Brody called me early this morning and told me that the blizzard stopped sometime during the night so he should be able to make it out this afternoon. He’s also planning on going shopping today to pick up a little prezzie for. I wonder what it is! He’s also going to get some more rawhide for Toby since it seems to be the only thing that keeps him quiet and occupied right now. He’s getting better though.

Still sore today but definitely doing better. I want to get the rest of the cleaning done today and I already vacuumed the living room so I just have to vacuum the rest of the house, do some dishes, fold and put away laundry, then I’m all done the big stuff. There’s always something little to be done if I feel like it but I think I’ll probably relax a bit after I get everything finished up and read for a bit.

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