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More painting!

I’m so proud of myself right now. I just finished another painting! This is one that I’d been planning on doing since I went to Mexico. I was really amazed by the colours of the sunrise/sunset there and how beautiful the mountains were. I wanted to do a landscape type painting so I bought a frame that was 12” by 24”. I’d taken a ton of pictures of the mountains when we were in Mexico and tried to memorize the way that they looked. When the camera got lost/stolen all I had to go on was my memory and a couple of postcards. I kept putting off painting it though, even though I had everything I needed and knew exactly what colours I wanted to use (pinks and purples), until today. So now it’s done and hung up in the spot it was destined for. I’m really pleased with the way it turned actually. It’s a bit different than I imagined but still quite nice. It is one of the few paintings that I had no trouble naming. It is called “Memories of Vallarta”.
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