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First day alone in the arctic

So B left for Iqualuit this morning. He’ll be gone for the whole week and I definitely plan on taking advantage of some quality “alone” time. I have so far planned on much reading, game playing and potentially some guitar playing and painting. I’m so tired right now that I think I’m just going to crawl back into bed though. We were up at 5am to make breakfast before Bro headed to the airport.

After B left my friend LJ and I hung out until her flight left at 2:00 pm. We watched some TV, sang some karaoke and chatted all morning. It was nice and relaxing but by the time she left I was just exhausted so I went back to bed for a couple more hours. While LJ was here though, I had a woman from the community stop by who wants to take drawing lessons from me. I told her she could actually come back tonight, so I wanted to make sure that I was well rested for that. It went pretty well I think. I hope she feels like she got some good tips and exercises to try out.

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