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Stuff I typed up but didn't get around to posting....

I got some of my Valentine’s Day stuff on Friday. It was pretty cool too. B got me two cookbooks, a slow-cooker book and a cooking for two book as well as a new Xbox game called Legacy of Kain. So far they’re all pretty awesome. I played the game for a really long time the other day and I haven’t tried anything from the cookbooks but they both have some really intriguing recipes in them. On Friday and Saturday we had people over and I tried a few new recipes including cottage cheese casserole, chicken jambalaya, hunter’s chicken (which is a bit like chicken cacciatore) and some couscous which I’d made before. I love the jambalaya but the casserole and the hunter’s chicken didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. I think they both needed more spices.

B and I re-arranged the bedroom Tuesday night. I like to re-arrange furniture every so often to keep things interesting. We moved the bed onto an angle and I really like the way that it looks. There’s a larger space in the middle of the room now where I could sit quietly and do my meditations! As soon as I saw the amount of space that was being created I knew it would be perfect for that! Talk about an added bonus! I also figured out this morning that I can do any workouts I feel inclined to do in the office because there’s quite a large open space in there and my laptop has a DVD player on it. So I tried out the cardio workout on a DVD I bought over the Xmas holidays and it went pretty well… at least with regards to having enough space! LoL

I was advised on Tuesday that I did not get the tutoring position and strangely enough, both B and I were relieved by the news. After having me work alongside him a few times he realized that he rather enjoyed coming home and having lunch ready for him and the dishes done (well, most of the time). I’d started doubting my decision to submit my resume right after I’d done it but I chose to submit it because it would show interest in working at the school which so if something comes up next year I’ll be considered. If I hadn’t submitted it I very possibly might not have been considered for any future positions. This way I’m leaving the door of possibility open.

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