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Last night I came home and decided to print off my resume and do up a new cover page. I've decided that I'm going to try for the tutor job but I'm still a bit worried about the decision. In the long run, I think I'll feel good about it and I keep reminding myself that if I don't enjoy it, I'm only going to be doing it until June. So yeah... going to hand in my resume today. Thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions/opinions.

I also got a lot of chores done yesterday which was kind of nice. I felt very accomplished! I cleaned up outside (gotta love that puppy!), did some dishes and tidied up a bit in the living room. This morning I made sure to take a few minutes to make the bed before anything else and made sure I ate breakfast. I'm trying to remind myself to do little things here and there because it makes me feel good about myself. It also feels good to come home to a room that looks nice and tidy. It's amazing how much a nicely made bed can pep you up. Even B has said it makes him feel a bit better when it's done. These little things go a looong way sometimes. I think it's also a good habit to get into, doing little things to tidy up here and there. I find it helps me develop a positive mentality to get things done instead of leaving them for later and once I develop that good habit, I'll have an easier time keeping things running smoothly (and not necessarily just in the house). This will become even more important if I do get the tutor position because I won't be home all day.

We'll see how it goes anyway. Today should be my last day of subbing so I'll probably have a few more days at home before finding out whether I'll be working for the rest of the year. It is full time but I'm thinking it won't be nearly as life sapping as my old job.

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