Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Bored...well sort of

Where is everyone today? I'm at the school again, subbing for the Art teacher who is still not feeling well. This period is computers so I'm taking the opportunity to enjoy a nice fast connection. Maybe someday we'll have high speed too. *sigh* It's pretty cool having computers just before lunch! Nice and relaxed! And to top it off I have a "free" period after lunch! Yay me! I just have to make sure I remember to bring a book with me so I have something to do. Of course I could always harass Bro. *evil grin*

Went out for dinner at a friend's place last night and had a blast. Bro and I were telling them the story of how we met and everyone was just in stitches laughing their heads off! It was a really great time. If we do end up getting approved to move to a new apartment we'd be right next door to them too. I'm really hoping that we get word of it soon but everything moves really slowly up here. It's definitely an exercise in patience.

There's a posting for a tutor position up here and I'm still trying to decide if I should go for it. Part of me doesn't want to give up the freedom I have to write, paint and read during the day but another part of me knows that we could really use the second income. I think that I'm going to talk to the principal about it today and see if he has a copy of the posting for me. If I don't like it, I only have to do it until June afterall. I suppose it's worth a shot and I might just end up loving it if I get hired.

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