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Stupid sore throat

My sore throat decided to come back for one more kick in the butt. I don’t know why but it’s really annoying. Last night I could hardly swallow and talking was a real effort too. Sleeping was also very difficult and I ended up being awake half the night. This morning wasn’t much better either. It seems to be a bit better now but it’s still a bit strenuous to talk. *sigh* Hopefully this will be the end of it.

I’m still trying to eat better and really limit the amount of junk I’m putting into my body. So far so good too. I’m always thrilled when I go to our little old grocery store up here and find another yummy thing that I can buy. The other day they had avocados so I bought two of them. They also have a nice assortment of 100% juice mixes. My current favourite is the mango pineapple juice. I usually get two or three containers of juice each time I go and most of them are a fruit & veggie mix (though they taste more like the fruit) so I’m getting lots of good stuff in me. They also have soy milk there and I picked up some of that since I rather enjoy it. I try to limit the amount of dairy I have because I’m a dairy addict and end up consuming WAY more than I should be, so the soy milk substitutes where it can. Not to mention there are a lot of benefits to eating/drinking soy products…really there are… just not sure what… unless you’ve had certain illnesses such as cancer and then, from what I understand, it’s not good for you.

I can’t believe it’s almost February already! It seems like this month is just flying by. I haven’t even had a chance to stop and think! Of course I’ve been feeling kind of crappy health-wise for most of the month so I’m sure that’s got a lot to do with it. B and I are still unsure whether or not we’re going to do anything for the Easter break. If we stay here, we’ll save a ton of money and frankly I think that would probably be the best solution. On the other hand it’s always nice to get a break and go somewhere. So who knows what will happen at this point.

Toby’s getting a lot better with being in the house. He’s still pretty rambunctious but not nearly as bad as he used to be. However, now that he’s found out how much fun it is to be in the house, he doesn’t want to go into his kennel anymore! *sigh* Of course he’s not having very many accidents in the house so it’s not too bad. We just have to get the place a bit more puppy-proofed so that we’re not always having to keep such a close eye on him. He has a knack for getting into things that he shouldn’t! Rotten dog! He’s lucky he’s so darned cute and lovable!!

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