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Only one day to go!!!!!

We leave for Winnipeg tomorrow!! YAY!!! I’m so thrilled and even more thrilled to think that we’re going to be in Mexico soon!!!!!! Did I mention that I’m excited? I’m really looking forward to seeing what Christmas in Mexico will be like too! Strangely enough though, I just got called to come in and substitute at the school tomorrow during the day too so that’s a bit more cash for when I get back!! It’s good money and we can really use the extra cash, especially after Christmas and much vacation spending!! So tonight we definitely need to get all of our packing done since we won’t have any time to do it tomorrow. Not a big deal since I started packing two days ago and have two loads of laundry just finishing so that we have all the clothes we need! It’s just a matter of getting all the little things packed up.

We got a rocking chair with a rocking ottoman for me today. I love rocking chairs and they were on sale for Christmas making them a REALLY good deal! Of course Rusty has decided that it’s HIS rocking chair. He decided this while I was still working on putting the ottoman together. The little rotten stinker! For some reason the addition of the rocking chair makes this place feel a little bit more like a home to me. Not sure why but it’s cool by me.

So just in case I don’t get online between now and when I get back… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Merry Yule and all that good stuff!! Happy whatever!!

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