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I painted THREE paintings today. One is a mountain landscape, one is a statue from PEI and the other is just an abstract piece that ended up being elemental with fire in the centre… perhaps my inner self is telling me that I need more fire in my life! LoL Who knows! Either way, I’m feeling very productive as a result and impressed with myself for doing something other than just another landscape. The abstract piece and the statue actually seem to have turned out better than the other one too. I’m guessing that’s because one was just free flowing finger painting and the other I had a picture to look at… the landscape was made up yet meant to look realistic and it’s just not as good. Then again, you are your own worst critic! There are still a few more ideas for other pieces floating around in my head, I'm just not sure when or how I'm going to make them manifest. I want to do at least one that includes a human figure and I've not had a whole lot of success with that in the past so I’ll have to do some studying first. Not really something I’m looking forward to but know I really *should* do.

I’m really getting excited about our trip to Mexico. We head down to Winnipeg on Friday evening and Mexico on Monday! It’s so close I can almost taste it!! Of course those couple of days in Winnipeg are going to be a bit hectic as we have to get the dog to the vet, get him some food and then get him to the kennel. I’m sure it will work out just fine but it’s a lot to get done in one day! Having the extra couple of days before our flight to Mexico is definitely a comfort though. There are a few people up here that have connecting flights the same day that they get in to Winnipeg. With the way the airlines work up here I’d be really worried about missing my connection! So we have some time before the big trip and I’m sure I’ll be going nuts waiting for Monday. Last time I was in Mexico I really didn’t want to come back… I just enjoyed it SO much that I wanted to stay. I guess that’s the way it works with vacations though! I can hardly wait!!

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