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I am alive

My day is going really well. This is surprising to me because I got woken up by the dog and I had an awful headache. I took an advil and tried to lie back down for a bit. I ended up reading a bit about the upcoming dark moon, thanks to my prezzie from Hazel. I went into the living room to turn on the tv and see if there was anything I could put on for background noise… I was going to do my pilates. I was going to start taking control. When I turned it on however, it was tuned to a yoga program. They were doing some moves that I really enjoy so I watched the end of the program and then I did the few yoga moves through once each and moved on to my pilates. What was even more interesting was the program that came on afterwards. It was a show about using aromatherapy and/or visualization to achieve weight loss! I’m really feeling good, physically and mentally and I’m sure it’s largely due to the exercise and the fact that I also made sure to eat breakfast today. The plan is to keep this up, stop letting myself down. I’ve thought these thoughts, tried and failed so many times before and I just don’t want to do it again.

I finished printing/pasting last year’s journal entries into my hard copy journal book today. I’m glad to have gotten that much done. I still have this year to take care of too and maybe even start writing with a pen in it again once I get up to date!! LoL

I feel good. I feel energized. I feel wonderful.
I feel happy. I feel creative. I feel spiritual. I am awake. I am alive.
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Yeah for prezzies being put to good use! ;)

So what was the show saying about using aromatherapy and/or visualization to achieve weight loss? I'm familiar with some weight loss ideas with aromatherapy through addition of oils to creams and such, but thats about it.

I'm glad you got to feel really good the other day, and hopefully today too. ;) I've been wanting to do all my videos more regularly but its hard to find the time sometimes.

I can just imagine how long it took you to go through all those old posts. I did that too right when I decided to take my LJ hiatus in June, so that was like 10 months worth of posts to sift through, print, cut out and glue/tape into a book. :p It feels good to keep a physical journal too though.
Yes, the prezzies were definitely being useful!

The aromatherapy weight loss was to create an association between a smell that was unfamiliar with the idea of losing weight... as far as I can remember. Someone else talked about different blends that will cause your brain to react in a way that will control urges or apetite. As for visualization... you're just supposed to visualize your goal, see yourself thin, etc.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling good. :) *hugs*

I'm no good with the offline journal thing. I just don't like to write - I prefer to type. So as soon as I get a printer....eek! I have alot to print! heh heh

It's good to get moving. I forgot how much I loved dancing until I did it again on Thursday. :)
I'm not so good with the offline journal thing either... which is why I've been cutting and pasting! LoL I just type SO much faster. My hand can't keep up with my brain if I'm writing.

The exercise was definitely good, though I am a bit sore today. Guess I need more stretching next time!