Goth face

More Blizzard!!

I’m seriously considering doing some free-form association with trees. Just to see what comes to mind. Also, I think part of me wants to stay connected to trees since there aren’t any up here. From there I might move on to something else but I’m sure that will keep me occupied enough for a little while with everything else I have on my plate right now anyway.

The blizzard here today is so bad that we can’t see the houses across the street from us. It’s a complete white out. The wind is just insane and the snow is blowing so quickly across the house that it looks like were in a moving vehicle going really fast! The dog doesn’t even want to go out there! No wonder either, the winds were clocked gusting to 110 kmph!! One of our neighbours actually got blown down when he was walking out there!
Oh man... make sure you've got a good hold on Toby if you let him out! Don't want him to get blown away, being that he's still puppy sized. ;)

On the trees note, I say go for it! Do it for spiritual symbol reasons or for a desire to stay connected with them... its all good. ;) As I think I said in one of my posts, I'm planning on looking at Trees through the winter from more of an informational side as trees get harder (for me) to identify in the winter and I'm not usually as likely to spend longer periods of time under them then. ;) Of course, if there are some particularly nice days this winter, or some particularly 'calling' trees, then there may be more direct-contact stuff in my near future. ;)