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Coming out of Slumpville

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day for weather. There were some pretty strong winds and blowing snow. Any more and it would have been a full blown blizzard. Of course, it turned out that it would also be my first day of substitute teaching! Go figure! It wasn’t too bad though. For the most part the kids were pretty well behaved. You can really tell that a lot of them don’t give a damn about being there though. It’s actually kind of sad to see but there’s not much I could do about it. I just had to focus on those that did want to learn.

Today is even worse for weather. We have 90 km winds and a blizzard. Not to mention the whole city is under a blanket of ice from the freezing rain we got last night. As a result B is home from work today. He was at school for the first half of the day but then they sent everyone home. It’s not too bad though because he got his new Xbox game (Halo 2 of course) and I got Prince of Persia so we got to try them out.

This morning I got a nice big painting done. Brody likes it but I’m not too crazy about it. I did it in oils this time and they worked pretty well, however I have too much sky. I painted the rest of the scenery too low down on the canvas. *sigh* It’s not like it’s an awful painting, I was just a bit disappointed with it. Oh well, at least I’ll know for next time. I did do a small painting a couple of days ago too and it turned out pretty well. I do enjoy it once I get started. I sometimes don’t even realize the time flying by! I think at some point I’d like to try something other than landscape though. Just not sure what yet.

The puppy (Toby) seems to be adjusting. He’s still not housebroken but he’s getting better. Of course, with the wind and snow today he’s not too anxious to go outside! LoL He’s definitely getting used to his kennel and I have a feeling that he’s going to be sleeping through the nights soon. So far we usually make it to about 6 hours before he needs to go outside. We’re getting there!

So as you can see, I'm pulling myself out of Slumpville anyway. I wrote a poem the other day, painted two paintings this week and started my nightime blessings/prayers again. Sometimes it's just a matter of venting and then kicking myself in the butt I think.
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Yeah for getting out of Slumpville! *hugs*

I knew that substitute teaching was a possibility for you up there, but I didn't realize you were actually doing it at this point! How did that end up happening? Do you know how often you'll get to teach?

See now you want to try something other than landscape while I'm just starting to get all landscapey. ;) Maybe its your turn to draw/paint people. :p
Well, I'd given them my resume shortly after I got here and this was the first time I ended up actually working. I kind of hope I don't get TOO much substitute work because it is kind of hard on me (physically) but it's nice to get some once in a while and get some extra cash happening.

As for painting people... not so sure about that one. I'd kind of like to but at the same time I don't really like the results I've gotten before. It's not my forte I guess. Who knows, maybe that's all the more reason to try eh?
How do you find it hard on you physically? I've never done anything like that so I'm not really sure whats involved. I did do some volunteer TA stuff back in highschool for a grade 5 French class... but thats it. :p

Nice to get the extra cash though!

Well they say something about how practice makes perfect... I dunno though. :p If you're getting a bit bored of landscape, give people a go!
It's hard on me physically because of my migraines and general icky health... Not to mention I have a bad back that acts up if I'm on my feet all day... then again... so do my feet! ;)