Goth face


Damn it’s windy out today. We went out to the store to get some more supplies and my legs were so cold they were BURNING. You know it’s cold when…. We took Toby with us. He didn’t seem to mind the cold too much but he is a husky mutt afterall. It sure did tire him out though which was great!

Today I’m having a better day. I don’t know what was up with me yesterday but I just felt so down. I think I just needed a day to feel crappy, relax and do a whole lot of not much. I even sat down and tried to write a bit of poetry. It didn’t go very far but at least I tried. I still haven’t done any painting. I keep meaning to but I just can’t bring myself to actually do it. I’m sure I will when the time is right. Besides, I did four paintings in October and it’s not like I HAVE to paint.

I’m really hoping to get out of the slump that I seem to have gotten into. Even though I’m feeling better today, I’m still acting quite lazy and avoiding even the things that make me happy… not to mention the chores that I have to do. I’m going to slowly start forcing myself to get back into my routine. I think it will help to get things back on track. I plan on starting with something simple and working my way up from there. I need to find the sense of balance I had before the funeral. One thing I definitely need to get back on track, the first thing, is my evening blessings. I miss doing them and found that it made me feel just bit more spiritually in tune. So I’ll start that back up tonight and hopefully the rest will fall back into place from there.
Take it slowly hon, and don't feel bad if you are in a "slump" or feeling down. It's to be expected, and is only natural. I think that starting with your blessings is an especially good idea, as it may open your spirit and help you with the mourning process....

*massive huggles*

Don't force yourself. Get back into your routine when you feel ready. It will come when the time is right. If your normal outlets for your emotions aren't working - try others. If painting and poetry aren't coming now, they will, perhaps try journaling, or even just a movie night under the covers with popcorn and puppy. :)

Do what it takes to feel better, but know that it may take awhile, and will take as long as you need to...don't rush things. Feel, let it out, and know that you have a web of support behind you.

Love you sweetie. Call me today, if you'd like. I'd love to chat with you.