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Sunny Day

I’m so happy! We’ve booked our trip to Mexico for Christmas! We have the resort we wanted and the dates we wanted and it’s all inclusive. I’m really looking forward to it. Last time I went to Mexico, I enjoyed it so much I was trying to devise a way to stay there forever. This time I’m getting to see the Pacific coast instead of the Gulf coast and I’m hoping to check out some different Mayan ruins this time around.

Now for those of you who are reading this and wondering why on Earth we’d be going to Mexico for Christmas, I’ll tell you. First off, living up in the Arctic definitely has me thinking that I’ll be wanting some warm, sunny weather by the time December rolls around and secondly, with family in two different provinces and 3 different cities we just figured it would also be easier. This way instead of trying to figure out how to see everyone, or having to leave someone out, we just do something completely different! I’m really really really looking forward to the trip.

I’ve started doing Yoga in the mornings after B has gone to work. He doesn’t know this but he will if he reads this. I’m trying to get myself back into better shape. I’m tired of always feeling so frumpy and stiff. I have to admit though, since I’ve moved up here I’ve definitely been a lot less stressed which helps tremendously. I used to do Yoga every morning before work when I lived with my ex but I’m realizing now that only leaving myself 30 minutes for my Yoga was counter-productive. I ended up feeling stressed and rushed because I was hurrying through the exercises in order to finish up in time to get to work. Now I give myself as much time as I need. I usually turn on the TV or listen to music while I’m doing it too and just relax and take my time. Believe me, it makes and enormous difference!

It’s a beautiful sunny day out today but it is extremely cold. My crystals are casting little dancing rainbows on my walls and I’m basking in the light. I’m trying to absorb as much of it as I can since I know the days will be getting shorter soon and I’ll have to rely on those artificial daylight bulbs. I feel so at peace up here. I keep telling myself that I’m going to start regular meditations but it’s something that I haven’t quite started doing yet. I’m sure I can come up with about twenty reasons why not but that’s all they are… excuses. I’m figuring it’s just not quite the right time yet.


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