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Arctic Meg

I made it up to the artic. It was one fiasco afer another but I'm here. I only have dial-up and I was sick for the first couple of weeks but I'm settling in quite nicely now and really enjoying myself. Definitely glad I took the chance and moved up here.

I’ve finished my third painting this week. I’m loving this creativity and the urge to actually express it. Huinatnaaq is liking it too. He thinks the pieces I’ve done so far are really good. It’s nice to be so appreciated! The apartment is really looking great with all the various pieces of artwork that I brought up decorating the walls. I actually only have one canvas left for oil/acrylic work. I have ordered more but I’m waiting on the order to get up here. Things travel quite slowly up in the arctic. Of course, the slower pace is one of the things I enjoy… though I do miss some of the commodities from down south.

Yesterday I cooked a huge Thanksgiving turkey (20lbs), ham, roasted veggies and a couple of pies. We had 8 people over (who brought a few other side dishes) and it was great! We almost couldn’t fit all those people but we managed. I really am enjoying all the cooking and baking I do. I find it relaxing for the most part and even when it sometimes gets a bit stressful it’s not bad. I love sharing the food with my friends up here too and I’m realizing that being a hostess and sharing really makes me happy. I think I’ve been a fairly generous person all my life but I guess I’ve just found a really great way to express it.


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