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still sick...but better

Nine days straight that I've been sick now. I tried to go to work yesterday but only made it through an hour. I'm finally starting to feel better today though. Thank goodness because I was getting so tired out not getting a good night's rest and feeling so run down. Of course Bro's been here just about the same amount of time as I've been sick, which means he's gotten to deal with nasty, sick Meg. I am NOT pleasant when I'm sick...especially if I'm sick for extended periods of time. The other problem with being sick is that you get absolutely NOTHING acomplished. Then, as soon as you better, you realize just how much stuff you've been neglecting to do! *sigh* It's nice to have someone around to bitch at.... I mean TO!!

I had a nice trip to my mom's place in Cornwall this weekend. Despite being sick. Bro got to meet the family... the WHOLE family from that side and got to experience supper at my step-dad's place (always a feast!) He even had my Grandmother laughing a few times! I showed him all my old haunts too. It was a really nice little break. I had hoped to take Bro on one of the 1000 Island cruises to Bolt Castle but it just didn't end up working. The castle is on the US side so we would have needed a birth certificate or passport to cross... so we just drove along the parkway instead.

I still want to take him to Niagara Falls at some point so that will be another day trip and of course we still have to go to the zoo. It would have been really nice if I hadn't been sick all week. Probably could have gone to the zoo after work. Ah well... there's still lots of time.


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