Goth face

not impressed...

It's past midnight and I'm awake because I can't sleep. I just keep tossing and turning trying to fall asleep but I'm too distracted by the pain in my body. Mostly it's my sore throat that's bothering me but I'm feeling a bit achey too. You know that achey sick feeling? I probably shouldn't have spent the whole day out yesterday but I had such a great time and it was such a beautiful day. If it wasn't for the fact that so many businesses crank their air conditioning up so high I probably would have been fine too. The change from hot to cold and back again probably wasn't that great for me. *sigh*

I'm so tired right now too. I just want to crawl into bed and pass out. Unfortunately, so far it's not working. I really hate being sick. I keep trying to fight it back but I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle. I've been sucking on lozenges, gargling and keeping my fluids up but nothing seems to be helping. At least huinatnaaq seems to be getting a bit of shut eye. He didn't get much sleep the past couple of days... it's hard keeping up a LIE for so long!! ;)

I did end up dropping my course. I had to drop it before June 21st or I would lose all my money. I think my mind was pretty well made up when I first started talking about it but it was my mom who ultimately convinced me that it was ok if I dropped it. Good old Mom. We don't always get along but she's usually pretty good for support when I need it.

Anyway... suppose I should try that sleeping thing again....

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Take Sark's advice. Allow yourself to be sick. Revel in the nothingness you can do because you are sick.

And now you have someone there who can take care of you when you are sick. Lucky gal!

Yeah I know, I just hate missing work and I keep getting this same thing over and over...the doctors just keep telling me it's a virus. I don't know if I buy that. Why would I be getting so many viruses that act the same way so often?! *sigh* Oh're right though. I do have Bro to make me soup...but he still teases and torments me! *shakes head*
Yeah, I get the same thing from the doctor too. It's just a virus. Yeah...a virus I've had for two bloody months!!! argh!