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dammit...and FUCKIN' A!

I had the day off work today and it's a good thing. Turns out I'm actually fairly sick. I have a pretty bad sore throat that I'm desperately trying to kill before it gets worse and I'm still getting the nausea every now and then. I also had a headache this morning and I'm thinking it's because I overslept.

Brody showed up today. Lying bastard!! Him and all my friends!! THEY WERE ALL AGAINST ME!!!!!! *GLARES at "FRIENDS"*

We had a great day. Had some street meat, did some shopping, went to the Korean Grillhouse (mmm....korean grillhouse) then we headed to Chapters for a bit until finally heading to the movies to see Riddick. I really enjoyed it.... mmmm... Vin Diesel. It was a great surprise and a great day...and to think....there are so many more great days to come!!!

Anyway... I have to get to bed since I'm feeling like crap. Stupid sore throat!! What timing!!!


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