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So today I had my first acupuncture appointment. It was rather interesting. I'm doing both the acupuncture and the chiropractic adjustments (which I've done before). I felt so relaxed while I was lying there with the little needles in place. Strangely the only needle that hurt a bit was one that went into my pinky. I had one needle right in the top of my head too! That felt kind of strange. Didn't hurt though. I'm really hoping that it helps with my migraines. I'm going to try and go once a week if I can afford it, since that's what the doctor is suggesting. He did mention that part of my problem is my posture. This really doesn't surprise me. I've been trying to correct it because I know that I slouch but it's a tough habit to break. What is kind of cool though is the fact that the doctor's office is close to the office of my family doctor and The Big Carrot which is a little group of natural/organic product stores. There are also a couple of fair trade stores just around the corner too that I like to browse every now and then. I even went to see if they had any of the kind of drums I'd been looking at in Winnepeg a few weeks back (I'd rather pay a bit more and know the artist was getting a fair price for his/her work)... sure enough they did have a couple at Blue Moon. Not sure if I like them so I'm still going to check out another store first but at least now I have an idea of the cost. So many wonderful things to spend money on... so little money to spend. I need to break the hold the almighty dollar has over me!! Aaaaahhhh..... ;)


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