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Ahhh...the weekend

I realized today just how much I love warm, sunny weather. I love summer and 20 degree temperatures, tank tops and shorts. I almost stayed in the house today but I managed to get my sorry ass out the door. I'm glad I did. It was so gorgeous out today that I probably could have just sat out in a park all afternoon. Instead I walked up to the subway station instead of taking the bus and enjoyed the sun on my VERY white legs and arms. It felt wonderful. My destination.... Chapters book store. Now anyone who knows me well knows that me going into Chapters (especially unsupervised) can be a very dangerous thing...but not today. I had gift certificates from work and I had two books in mind. I also only had $40 in my bank account and no food in my fridge. Let me tell you, going to Chapters with next to no cash is a blessing and a curse. I'm actually really proud of myself today though. You see, I went in there and even though I was VERY tempted to spend ALL my money on books (which would mean no food until Thursday) I came out of there with only the two books I'd gone in for. Afterwards, I headed straight to the grocery store to make sure I didn't spend the rest of my cash on anything other than what it was intended for... groceries. I wasn't able to get everything on my list, but I got enough food to keep my from starving until pay day. Then I walked part way home with my groceries, enjoying the fresh air, warmth and sunshine. I felt good about myself...despite having a migraine.

I realized at one point while I was in Chapters that I've been feeling a bit more "balanced" since I've cleaned my room up. There's still a lot of clutter and mess, but the floor is clean and I've managed to get the dresser and desk tidied up somewhat too. Something about having done this and kept it going has really given me a sense of satisfaction and general well-being. I don't know if it's just because I've given myself a sense of accomplishment and the confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to, and most of all stick to it, or if it's something else entirely but I like it. I like the feeling I get. Just like they say when you're desk/home/room is organized it reflects in your life I guess. Who knows but if this is how I'm going to feel then I'm going to stick with it because even the stress and everything else seems just a bit more manageable when I can come home and know that I've got a nice place to come home to.


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