Goth face

relief at last

... and so ends the last day of full-time work for me. I have the whole weekend to recuperate and then Monday I'm in from 8-1:00pm only! Which not only means that I'll be back to my usual 5 hours, but it also means that I'll have my whole afternoon free before class!!! I'm really happy about that.

Today was a fun day at work. The calls I'm taking are much more my style than sales calls. This way I get to try and help people whereas before I had to try and sell them stuff they didn't always want. But the best part was the event that was held today - PIE A SENIOR DAY. So I got to watch my seniors and managers get pied in the face with all flavours and types of pies!! It was a blast!! The atmosphere is so much more positive in this department. I didn't realize HOW much better it really was until I went to visit my old pals in sales after my shift. I'm enjoying the change of atmosphere already. So much more fun and upbeat! I miss my old pals though. Thankfully they aren't too far away.

I'm also really getting excited about June 16th when Huinatnaaq will be arriving in the bit TO for his summer vacation! This summer is going to be great! Going to go away for a nice vacation, going to the theatre, going to visit Dee... all sorts of wild and wonderful stuff!! I can't wait!

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