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I'm finally back on the phones at work. Never thought I'd be so happy to be back on the phones but I really am... it also probably helps to know that I only have to live through one more day of pain...I mean full-time hours. It went pretty well on the phones too. Feels good being able to help people out. It's a lot less stressful than sales too, strangely enough. I'm sure I'll get those really complex stressful calls once in a while here too, but so far so good. I love knowing that, for the most part, as soon as I hang up that call everything is done. In sales when I hung up the call it usually meant the work was just beginning! I also don't have voice mail in this department which means no calling back angry merchants! It's wonderful!! I'm still not too sure how the scheduling is going to work out for me yet. They have me working Tuesday - Saturday starting June 14th which means I'll have one of my class days free. I'm thinking this should work out well for me since I'll be able to do my readings before class (seeing as I'm a last minute kind of girl) and even on Saturday I'll only be working 5 hours. At this point I've been scheduled for the morning shift, which is just PERFECT because it means I'm done work at 1:00pm. The latest that I'd be working on a Saturday would be 8:00pm anyway, so that wouldn't be too bad. Still plenty of time to go out and party (like I ever do anyway).

In other news, I'm still teaching myself how to play the guitar. I've been playing since December and I think it's really starting to come together. I'm mostly just learning the easier chords, finding songs that use those chords and so far I've got a good number of songs that I enjoy playing. I enjoy it so much that I usually play until my fingers hurt and sometimes I even keep going after that! My fingers are getting nicely calloused though, so I'm able to play for longer stretches of time. Huinatnaaq wants me to bring the guitar with me to PEI, which I plan on doing. I don't know if I'll actually play for anyone but I can definitely picture myself out on the cottage patio strumming away or down on the beach, sitting on the sand singing my little heart out. I don't even care if it sounds good or not... it makes ME feel good and that's what counts.

My bedroom floor is still clean... I'm very impressed with myself. I'm trying to be really conscious of keeping it clean, making sure I put everything wehre it belongs instead of just tossing it on the floor and pretending I'll deal with it "later". I also got the dresser cleaned off last night and my desk tidied up tonight. Having the floor clean was already cutting down on my stress, so I'm hoping that having the dresser and desk clean will just continue reducing the stress. I just have to be diligent about keeping it all that way. Hell, the way I see it, if I was able to keep the floor clean on a week where I worked full hours and came home in pain and exhausted, I damned well better be able to keep everything clean when I'm back to my regular hours!! I still have to tackle my other room, a.k.a. the library, but I need to recognize how much I've already done before moving on to the next thing. One step at a time.

Another thing I'm really happy about is the fact that I've been eating a whole lot better lately. Even though I'm pretty short on cash these past few weeks, I've managed to scrounge enough money to make sure I have enough quality food in the house to keep me eating well. I haven't been eating potato chips like I was before either. In fact I don't believe I've had any potato chips at all this week, despite being VERY tempted to do just that on several occassions. It is my comfort food afterall. So far I've been able to resist though and that makes me really proud of myself. I've even started doing sit-ups every couple of days and hope to add some push-ups in there soon. I'd start now, but I hurt my wrist and I just don't think it would be a good idea at this point. Not until it heals.

And that's about it! *phew*


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