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So far so good

I'm really starting to feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. Sure I've got a long way to go before I'd say I've gotten things "clean" but I'm definitely making progress. For example, I can now see my bedroom floor. The carpet is gray for those of you who are interested. I keep adding chores that need to be done to my list and crossing others off as I complete them. It's really great being able to cross something off!! I'm actually really surprised with how much I've done so far. I mean, I've really been working at this. I take little breaks here and there to chat with friends but I'm usually still cleaning in between messages. I'm really glad that I did the floor first too. Seeing the floor looking so nice and clean seems to be keeping me motivated!

I'm really looking forward to this summer.  huinatnaaq  is going to be here in a couple of weeks and he'll be staying with me for his summer holiday.  I think it will be really great having him here.  We'll be able to get to know each other even better and enjoy each other's company.  We'll also be heading off to PEI for a week in July which will be just incredible.  He's already booked a little cottage for us on the beach and I'm looking forward to meeting his family and learning to shoot with his dad.  I'm hoping to bring him to meet my folks at some point too, but that will take a bit more doing.  Shouldn't be too hard to get him over to my Dad's but my Mom and Step-Dad live a bit further away, so that could be tricky.  Hopefully my schedule at work will allow for both little trips, not to mention a trip to visit Dee!!  There are so many great things for us to do while he's here I'm wondering if we'll be able to get even half of them done!!  I have the sneaking suspicion that the summer is going to feel like it's just flying by.  We'll just have to make the most of it and enjoy the time we have while we're having it, as I'm sure we will.  

Ok...enough time on here...back to doing something more constructive!  Like practicing my guitar playing!!!  



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