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How I spent my long weekend

I had a wonderful weekend...

I arrived on Friday evening and huinatnaaq  picked me up at the airport.  I actually had trouble picking him out of the crowd of people that were there so he accused of me of purposely avoiding looking at him!  Anyway, we headed over to the hotel, he handed me a key to the room and we headed up to it.  We get up to the door and I'm about to open the door when I see something written on the door... my first thought was "Oops...wrong room" until I actually read what it said... "Premiere Suite".  I was so shocked that I threatened to kill him or insulted him (not sure which...I was kind of flabbergasted) and I made him to open the door.  Then I got the tour of the suite, leaving the best for last....the bathroom where he'd drawn me a nice warm bath complete with bubbles AND candles!!  It was so nice.  He knew that I would be tired from a long day at work, so he wanted to give me a chance to relax and unwind, which I took full advantage of!!  Then we ordered room service because I was starving before heading out to a movie.  We ended up seeing Shrek 2 because I was in the mood for something kind of lighthearted and we both really enjoyed it!  It was a really great way to start the weekend.

On Saturday we started off with a trip to the zoo which was just a blast.  We both had a great time!!  It was an overcast day, but not too cold and almost all of the animals were out.  I got to see some black bears which I've never seen before which was a real treat for me!  They also had two white tigers on display which were really neat.  One of the first animals we saw though were the meerkats, one of my favourites at the Toronto Zoo too, and one of the meerkats just kept following where I went!!  Like my own personal little meerkat fanclub!!  There were also some really neat birds that I'd never seen before.  The colours on some of them were just incredible!  Thankfully we got some really nice pictures of them.  We found out that some of the birds do NOT like politics.  huinatnaaq  started talking to them about politics and they went CRAZY when he mentioned ... uhm... I think it was the Conservatives or the Liberals though I can't recall which...then he mentioned something else and not a peep!!  It was hilarious!  I think my favourite, truth be told, were the wild prairie dogs running around.  Go figure, eh?  It all started with one little guy who we have named "Bullseye" because he had a bullseye marking painted on his back.  This is probably some way of keeping track of them all, since we also saw triangles and squiggly lines etc etc.   We suspect it may be some form of prairie dog cult.  Needless to say, the souvenir of the day was a stuffed prairie dog who has been named Bullseye.  

After the zoo we went out for lunch followed by some shopping.  We headed back to the hotel and  I rested for a bit because I was just exhausted.  We stayed in and rented a movie to watch and relaxed in front of the TV... watched Bend it Like Beckham which was a really nice movie.

Sunday we slept in late and enjoyed taking our time getting ready.  We then headed to the Forks which is a tourist place similar to the St. Lawrence Market.  We went to a little booth outside first and huinatnaaq  saw this little necklace that was a hand-blown glass giraffe.  I don't know if you've ever seen those vendors that write your name written on a grain of rice and put it in a little container, but that's what it was...a little giraffe container!  We spent most of the day walking through the markets and watching a bit of the entertainment...then we headed to the IMAX theatre because Bro had never seen an IMAX film.  The one we saw was called Mysteries of Egypt and it was really good.   We spent the rest of the day at the hotel just relaxing and chatting.  We'd been planning on catching another movie but I was too tired so it didn't end up happening... so I have to make sure we get around to it when he's here over the summer.  Lots of movies!!!!   Strangely enough I really enjoy going to the movies, it's just been happening lately that I've been feeling a bit too run down to get out and see them.  Luckily, we'll have the whole summer to work with!

Monday was spent packing things up, getting boarding passes and checking our luggage in.  We spent about an hour sitting and talking at the airport while waiting for his plane. It was a really nice weekend... I only wish it had been a bit longer, but he'll be here in about 3 weeks and spending the summer with me, so I've got that to look forward to.



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